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Notes from Vision Cafe

Stay Quirky and join the 21st Century

Here are the rough unedited notes from the Vision Cafe.

Booklet and flyer to explain the IOOF of HMB


Send e-vites to events, ask for rsvps
Arrange it so people who can’t attend can post ideas
Historical info on HMB and lodge on web site
Post info on former members/current member interviews
Offer to include “on your birthday” software “On This Day”
(People would pay fee $2+ to take content off application)
Include personal photo and story on each member “Member of the Week”
Videotape their story
Humans of New York concept: Odd Humans of the Half Moon
People contribute to web – content
Current calendar- perhaps Administrative (hired) person keeps current
Share information line, like “NextDoor” -- a place to list needs, recommendations, for sale, curb alerts, etc.
Admin person part time to handle details, kitchen, replying to messages (on phone and on website?)


Gifts to new members
Flowers, boutonniere , invite them to 1-3 meetings
Describe committee opportunities and post on bulletin board and on website
Buddy system for getting info -
Meeters/greeters at events and meetings
List 5 reasons to join IOOF
When people join ask, which committee do you want to be on?
Sponsor as mentor, like big brother or big sister
Potential members attend meetings; volunteer to help with potluck
Invite Rotary/Lions meet in lodge
Partner with Coastside Hope, etc. for community service
IOOF as “center of Benevolence” on coast
Get Chris Ridgway to join again along with other former members (Pescadero presence?)
IOOF yearbook
Everyone should know which committees we have, how to join one
New members  - get them involved


Local artist’s contest, make art of local and historic places: make calendars and cards for sale
Film night- showcase local filmmakers
Student art show, on walls up staircase
Mural on staircase
Incentivize students with prizes to join art contest
Teach art?
Cut out historical figures: local butcher, first mayor


Cemetery walking tour – who’s who
get it on the federal historic registry
Weeding day, plant flowers
Include students, Boy Scout troop to clear space and make visually appealing


Include Scholarships for things like piano, horseback riding lessons
Increase scholarships to be sure it goes to variety of minorities
Increase our visibility in community


Tai Chi
Ecstatic dance
Oral histories (and interviews with alumni of IOOF)
Mardi Gras party, New Years eve, costume party


Age diversity: Youth Advisory Board how to get younger people involved
Asian Americans included
Access Hispanic, Portuguese communities
Reach out via church, Moonridge residents
Address poverty, hunger, housing
Food donation year round sponsored by us around town
Contribute food donations bins throughout town and downstairs in lodge
Whole town of HMB participates in one Café, on main street
Library will rent from us if we have an elevator
Annual fundraisers to various groups, a different one highlighted each year


Speakers Committee with café/conversation
Learn what talents/skills members have that they are willing to share
Learn a few line dance steps
More weekend activities
Library poetry contest back at IOOF
Merchants of HMB invited to IOOF so they know who/what we are
Realtors invited for event
Night before Pumpkin Fest invite merchants to dinner


Code lock on main door so people can enter as needed.
Banners to show who we are, get attention
Install message machine
More obvious presence on Main street
Expand lobby
Facebook page?
On HMB Review calendar on going
Next-door – all promotional places (need a promotion/marketing committee to let public know what we are offering)
Lease or buy the land behind the building
Organize set up and clean up into team, share among all members


Mixer games at the beginning of meetings – get to know each other better.
Healthier food at potlucks
Potluck every night
Make meetings more appealing/fun
SHORTEN meeting time to 1-hour limit
How much can the IOOF wording be changes to “people” not men
Less God talk? More secular
Tour other lodge, join meetings there?
Sit closer during meetings; use one end of the room
More catered dinners
Better wine selection at the bar- more food 


We are free to initiate projects but need someone to handle calendar as more events happen
Survey existing members, especially inactive ones – draw them in
“Bring a Neighbor” night
Clarify policy re when we pay rent, when not
Widow’s group positive experience. What other groups might we form?
Review rituals -simplify
Monthly breakfast club
Conversation Café weekly held at lodge for public
Leadership needs to be shared among more members, term limits may help.
5 positions available (describe on website?)
Connect with Masons, do spaghetti dinner again to wipe out Polio with Lions Club
In front window, list events, have bulletin board where we can see events, committees, news, plus one downstairs on door for public. 


Annual meeting with humor and review of history
Dancing: salsa
Live music: Mexican band, Portuguese bands
Artists do art together – crafts night
Kite flying
Chamber of Commerce mixer at IOOF Hall
Organize set up and clean up into teams, share among all members
More outdoor events, including BBQ
Film Night – showcase local filmmakers
Breakfast club monthly
Bring a neighbor night
Code lock on main door so people can enter as needed
More week-end activities
Tour other lodges
More gold points?


Outreach to groups like Boy Scouts, industrial arts students,
In front window list events, have bulletin board where we can see events, committees, news plus one downstairs for public.
Reach out to members who were unable to attend for their input.
Hold a book fair or book exchange for public and/or set up a few free small libraries around town.  Might conflict with used book store…