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LOTUS (Life Opens Through Unexpected Sorrow)

LOTUS is a Half Moon Bay Odd Fellows committee organized to provide peer grief support, comfort, and assistance to those in our coastal communities who have lost their partner or spouse.


Everyone reacts to loss or grief differently, but one common after-effect of losing a loved one is loneliness. Believe it or not, loneliness is growing in our country. In 1940, 7% of Americans lived alone, now 28% live alone. Twice as many of us spend time alone and 25% report that they have no one to confide in. The bottom line is 20% of Americans suffer from chronic loneliness. And, short of torture and death, the most dreaded punishments are exile and solitary confinement.

Of course, being alone or solitude can be enriching when it is free, relaxing, and creative. But as human beings we need to be connected. What brings most pleasure in life is love, intimacy, and social affiliation—even above wealth, fame, and physical health!

But our usual everyday loneliness usually brings feelings of isolation, helplessness and fear. They are often the result of moving, job loss, divorce, betrayal, illness, or bereavement. Their effects are similar to high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, and lack of exercise. They leave us susceptible to addictions; alcohol, drugs, sex, food, shopping, hoarding, and other compulsions.

If you identify with any of these symptoms or feelings, and would really like to move away from the painful and uncreative, please consider joining us.

For more information, contact Gail Harvey: 650-726-5110, Judy Matienzo: 650-726-1338, or Sandy Gleichmann: 650-726-9360.