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Being American Now

We’ve been reflecting on the future of Being American Now. Has this circle already served its purpose, or is there the interest and energy in our community for continuing the conversation as events in our country continue to unfold?

being americanBelinda Arriaga joined us in April for a lively conversation about her work at ALAS, which offers Mariachi and dance, and music for the kids but also to the community at large. Participants are offered tutoring and social support. The spring show was presented April 21. Belinda offered us the question of the evening: How can I offer sanctuary to those who cross my path?

We’ll be taking a break for the next three months: May, June & July. Whether we reconvene after that is up to you, and everyone who has been involved with our Being American Now conversation. In order to continue, we’d like to see: 1) more people participating; 2) a few people ready to engage in helping us with the logistics.

Please take a moment to give us your input via this brief, three question survey.

You can also share any thoughts directly with Shirley at, or Aryae at

So we’re not meeting in May, but expect to stay in touch in various ways. We wish everyone well. May we continue to explore the expression of citizenship in our home town and elsewhere! We hope to check in again in the Fall.

Shirley & Aryae