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July 4, 2013: Half Moon Bay Independence Day Parade

Team Firecracker Wins a Red Ribbon

The 4th of July parade in Half Moon Bay was hugely successful because of all the community participation, and it was exceptionally brilliant because of the Odd Fellows uniquely costumed entry, Team Firecracker.

The group was led by Judi Engel and Liz McCaughey who danced and twirled, wearing coordinating outfits of red and white stars and stripes and other patriotic accessories. They strutted, holding the newly designed local IOOF banner in white, red and blue which was designed and produced by member Jim Rudolph.

The firecrackers marched down Main Street in tall, decorated foam rubber cylinders that covered most of their bodies. Some had arms and legs showing, or heads and legs showing, or faces and legs, and they were a big hit, especially for the children who laughed and pointed. Member Mark Stegmaier, dressed in shorts that he found at the clothing swap threw golden dollar coins to the kids instead of candy, and Jan “Pow-Bang” Tiura blew the trumpet frequently.

Other participants were Pat “Sparkle” Kelly, Joe “Fuse” Brennan, Gail “Palm Tree” Evenari, Judy “Wavy-Gravy” Matienzo, Anne “Scaredy-Cat” Wright, and Sally “Speedy” Benson, all of whom left their inhibitions behind at the lodge to spin and dance. The troupe was awarded a second place red ribbon for their energetic performance and intricate costumes.